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5 Keys to Creating Facebook Ad Offers That Grab Attention

Aug 06, 2017


Facebook has an average of around 1.18 billion daily active users and that’s despite people thinking that Facebook is no longer the first choice as a social media network. So, yes, people are always there for marketers but that doesn’t mean that they are easy to reach. Facebook’s organic reach is really low for the most part and unless you pay for Facebook ads, you don’t have a good chance of having a large following on Facebook.

But, even if you do pay for Facebook ads, it won’t really work unless your ad is good enough to attract people’s attention. On average, people share 2.5 million pieces of content per minute on Facebook. That’s a lot of content to compete with for attention, isn’t it?

Well, the only thing you can do for that is to make your ads persuasive and eye catching enough that it attracts Facebook users’ attention and encourages them to take the action that you want them to through the ad.

Here are a few tips to help you create that killer Facebook ad that boosts your ROI quickly.

1- Carefully Craft Your Offer:

Typically a Facebook ad has 5 components: an image, headline, post text, description, and call to action. The most important part that incorporates all of them together is the offer you are making in the ad. Your offer alone can make or break your Facebook ad campaign.

Carefully think about what might interest you target audiences. When you figure it out, you need to skillfully craft your ad that presents your offer in the best way possible.

The headline text is the boldest and largest which makes it the first thing your audience will notice. Describe your offer precisely in the headline so that people know what they will get. Once, their interest is grabbed, they will move on to the other text that is written in your ad and that is the post text and the description.

Ideally, the post text should be further detail of the offer you are making and the description should be about why they can trust your brand. If you take your time with this process, you will have done your first step to creating a killer Facebook ad.

2- Call-to-Action Button:

Call to action button is a must in your Facebook ad. There are nine call to action button options available right now and you need to choose one of them that best complements your offer.

For example, if you are selling your products, you could use ‘Shop Now’ and if you are trying to get them to book an appointment or other services by your brand, you could use ‘Book Now’ and so on. A good Facebook ad must have a call to action so that your audiences can perform the action you want them to.

3- Visual Impact:

As it was mentioned before, a general Facebook ad has 5 components and one of them is a photo or video. This is the most important part of your Facebook ad right alongside your offer. The visuals will have the most impact on your audiences’ attention span and get them to stop scrolling through. Your photo or video should have the following attributes for it to be eye catching:

  • It should be bright and colorful
  • Don’t use Facebook’s general colors because your ad will be easier to scroll through.
  • Images of people using your product or if you don’t have them, just use some photos with a satisfied and happy expression. Images of women tend to work better.
  • It should be optimized to the type of Facebook ad you are using.
  • If it has text, it should only cover 20% of your image because Facebook will not qualify your ad otherwise.

4- Target Your Audiences Precisely:

Facebook offers the best targeting filters in the social media market. Use those filters to the maximum potential. Figure out your target audiences based on their interests, behaviors and demographics. The more narrowed your target audience is, the better chance you will have of getting results from your Facebook ad.

If you have more than one type of target audiences, it’s better to create two different types of Facebook ads. Yes, it will take more of your money but it will get you more results too because each of your target audiences will be shown ads specifically designed to appeal to them.

5- Keep It Short:

Nobody wants to read text for more than a few seconds in their Facebook ads. You need to keep it short and still give an idea of what your brand does so that they have an incentive to follow you. A good practice is to keep your text under 90 characters because if you make it longer, Facebook will cut it off.

What you should focus on in your text is what people will get from your offer. How will it help them? Cover these questions concisely in your text and still keep it short so that the reader won’t lose interest in your ad.

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