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5 Tips on How to Go Viral on Social Media

Jul 14, 2017


What do you hope to achieve when you are using social media marketing to increase your brand awareness? Obviously, you will want to get your content noticed by as many people as possible. The best case scenario would be if you content goes viral. We all know how going viral can increase brand awareness and sales.

Sometimes this kind of thing happens by accident. You wake up one day and realize that the content or video that you posted last night has now gathered millions of views. But these kind of accidents don’t happen often. Most of the time, you need to make efforts to make your content go viral in the online community.

Since over 2.5 billion people worldwide are on some kind of a social media platform, you have a great opportunity to reach your target audience. Even though there is a whole lot of luck involved in content going viral, the tips below have been known to help brands get their posts to go viral more often.

1- Figure Out Your Target Audience:

One thing that you absolutely need to focus on is your target audience. Your content or videos should be creative and unique but they must resonate with your target audience. One good example would be Dove’s campaign of ‘You’re more beautiful than you think’ message. Here is the video that they created:

The video shows a FBI sketch artist drawing two different sketches of the same person. One is based on the person’s own description of their features and the other one is based on how a stranger thinks that the person looks. The message in the video definitely resonates with women all over the world on a deeply emotional level.

2- Evoke an Emotional Connection:

There are types of emotions that you post can evoke. They don’t have to be sadness, depression, love etc. They can also be anger, joy, disgust, amusement, horror, trust etc. as well. The point is that your content should be so noticeable that it catches the eye of your target audience and make them feel something.

When people feel some strong emotion about some post they see on social media, they tend to share it with their audience. This kind of exposure can make your meme, video or photo go viral in a very short time. And that is exactly what we are going for here.

3- Follow Trends and Hot Topics:

There is always something new happening on the internet and new topics that become trending on different social media platforms. Make sure that you follow these trends and make your posts relate to them in some way. These hashtags, tags and keywords are the best way to go viral. The reason behind that is people are already searching for these topics on Google, Twitter or some other search engine and your posts will have a better chance of appearing in the search results if it has those trending hashtags or keywords in it.

You can look out for these trends and topics on Google News, Google Trends and Twitter’s trending section. Not all of them can be used in your brand’s campaign but you will definitely find something useful every now and then if you keep checking these websites regularly.

4- Create Contests:

Giving people useful and mouthwatering rewards is great way to get them to participate in your contest and share your content with their audiences. You can encourage people to share your content, follow you on other social media platforms, subscribe to your email list or any other task that is essential to your marketing campaign and set a reward good enough that people go to great lengths to get as many entries in the contest as they can.

This is a cheap shot for getting engagement and brand awareness but it has proven to be useful in getting the desired results more often than not.

5- Post Visual Content:

Social media marketing now depends heavily on visual content including photos, videos, memes, gifs and live videos. The reason behind that is social media users don’t have a great attention span. They would rather view titillating visual content and share it than read long test posts. So, if you want to go viral, you need to post more and more visual content. People don’t really share text posts now and you need people to share your content as much as they can. So, in order to go viral, posting visual content is the key.

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