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No! We don’t need your Facebook account password. We just need the Email address to send you report and the Fan Page’s URL. We don’t even think to ask you to give us your accounts administrative access. We deliver the Real Facebook fans from highly traffic websites where no bots involved.
After receiving order, We place ads on highly traffic websites and make your page visible to people which increases your fanpage likes / followers.
When you press the Order Now button it pops up a window with the required information where you’ve to enter the Email Address and the Fanpage’s URL and then you can press the Checkout in order to complete the Transaction.
No. There is no risk at all in using our services. You get Real Facebook Likes which means there would not be any automated programs such as bots to deliver your fans.
We begin our process in next 24-48 hours after receiving the order and payment from you. Once we place your link in social exchange website, you will be seeing the increment in social engagement of your fanpage.
We have minimum 4 days time to deliver the 500 Fanpage likes. Bigger order can take more time. We always finish orders before deadline written on our website according to different packages.
It will take so long time because we promote your fanpage/twitter page to real audience and they decide if they want to like or not. Just to keep your account safe, we have to work realistically. Furthermore, we are unable to guarantee any delivery time accurately for this reason.
Yes. We do not accept work with a Facebook page that is against the Facebook’s Terms of service agreement. These types of pages include, but are not limited to:
  1. Pages with Pornographic Content
  2. Pages that Promote Violence and/or Hate
  3. Gambling promotional Pages
  4. Pages related to Facebook Applications and/or Facebook Group Promotions
We reserve the right to refuse service at any time if we believe a page is violating our, or Facebook’s terms of service.
If we fail to deliver the ordered number of fans within the time, we’ll refund the amount equal to the number of fans which failed to provide. We also give guarantee that every single like we add in your fanpage will be Real.

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