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How to Convert Your Customers into Your Brand Advocates

Jul 26, 2017


It’s proven time and time again that the most effective type of marketing is the word of mouth marketing. That stands especially true in the case of startup brands. Why? When you get some followers and make them happy and satisfied, they usually share their experience with their social circle. Then those people check out your brand and if they like what they get, they talk about it with their audience and the cycle continues.

This is also the most effective way to increase brand awareness as well. In the old times, it was really difficult to get those initial customers and get them to spread word about your brand. But in the present digital age of social media, it’s become easy. If you play your cards just right, you can not only gather those initial followers but get them to share your brand with their social media audiences as well.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best tips to convert your followers into your brand advocates for increased brand awareness and sales.

1- Make Them Happy:

This is actually a no-brainer and the first and foremost tactic to increase brand awareness. The way you can do this is by offering products and services that are actually good and helpful for your customers in one way or another. But even if you have average products, you can overshadow that fact by providing your customers with excellent customer service. Seriously, it is possible. Sometimes, people tend to leave even really high end brands if their customer service is really crappy.

You’ve probably experienced this as well from a stand point of a customer. If you had a choice between suggesting a good brand with poor customer service and an average brand with excellent customer service, you would most likely go with the latter option.

So, always keep your customers happy with good quality and phenomenal customer service.

2- Offer Rewards:

If your customers are satisfied with your brand but they are still not really actively spread word about it, you can rectify that by offering rewards. This can prove to be the final push your customers need to share their good experience with your brand with their audiences. The reason behind that is people get really excited by even the smallest rewards that they get by brands and naturally, they tend to talk about it with their friends, family and their social media audiences.

Yes, it will require spending some money on your part but nothing good ever comes free, right? Think of it as an investment that will help you get more customers in the future.

3- Loyalty Bonuses:

You’ve probably experienced this with a lot of your favorite brands. The longer you do business with them, the more discount or coupons you will get as a reward for your loyalty. The same rules apply to your customers as well. This will ensure that your customers continue to do business with you in the long run.

Another reason this is a good strategy is that when your loyal customers get special rewards and discounts, they brag about it with their friends and family. It’s human nature. This word of mouth marketing will help you get more followers and potential customers.

4- Ask For Feedback and Then Act on It:

Another great way to make your customers loyal to your brand is asking them for feedback. Why? According to a research, around 64% of customers give constructive feedback when properly asked. That is a huge percentage and it should not be ignored.

The reason asking for feedback is important is that ultimately, you have a brand because you want to offer something good to the people in exchange for their money. Naturally, people would not want to spend their money if they don’t like your products. The way you can ensure that they like your products or services is by asking them directly about the changes they would like.

When they give you constructive feedback, analyze it carefully. If it’s genuinely something that should be implemented in your brand, do it as soon as possible. When your customers notice how you took their advice to make your brand better, they will become more loyal to you and that’s always a good thing.

These ways are sure fire ways to get your customers’ loyalty and that will in turn increase your brand awareness through word of mouth marketing. After all, brand awareness is the first foal of any good marketing strategy.

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