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How to Target the Right Audience for Your Brand Marketing

Jul 17, 2017


Before you start marketing your brand across social media platforms, you must do one thing and that is figuring out your target audience. You need specific demographic of people to target your ads. Otherwise, you will just be shooting arrows in the dark. For example, if you are selling anti-aging products and services, you need to target people over the age of 25 because younger people won’t need them. I’m sure you understand by now that figuring out your target audience is essential for successful brand marketing.

With over 2.5 billion people over social media, there is a specific audience that will suit your brand the best. You just need to carefully sort it out and then focus your marketing efforts efficiently. Even if you think that your brand or product is fit for all ages and demographics, the ad campaigns should be different for different age groups. You need to design your ads in accordance with the different demographics of people that you are targeting.

So, let’s see how you can figure out your target audience:

1- Understand Your Brand:

The first thing you need to do is understand your brand and how it will be useful for people. If your brand specializes in multiple products or service, figure out which demographic of people will go for each of your products and then organize that data. When you study those statistics, you will begin to see some of your products are good for certain people while other products will be useful for some other specific group of people.

When you analyze it carefully, you will begin to get an idea about your target audience(s).

2- Find Your Audience on Social Media:

Depending on your brand its target audiences, you need to figure out the social media platform(s) where you will find them. Each social media platform is different and similarly, the people who use thos platforms are different too. For example, you will find people who are mostly under 30 years of age on Snapchat.

There is only one platform with over 2 billion users and has all kinds of people and that social media giant is Facebook. Fortunately, Facebook has the best ad targeting filters in place as well so you can narrow down your target audience to very specific groups of people.

3- Step Out of Your Point of View:

Once you decide on a single or multiple target audiences and the social media platform(s) via which you need to market your brand, you need to think from their perspective. You need to step into their shoes and then imagine what you would want from your brand if you were the customer. If you don’t really know how to think, you could always ask for help from people in your social circle, friends and family that fall under the category of your target audience. Then as you get an idea, you can create your ad campaign(s) around it so that you can successfully market your brand.

4- Utilize all the Filters:

If you are using Facebook or Instagram ads, you have access to the best targeting filters on social media. But even if you are not using Facebook or Instagram, you will have access to the filtering tools provided by the social media platform that you are using to narrow down your target audience as much as possible.

Narrowing down your target audience will make sure that your ads have a better chance of catching attention of the right kind of people for your brand. Make sure you use these filters to their maximum potential so that you don’t end up wasting your money for useless ads.

5- Analyze, Analyze, And Analyze:

If you just start an ad campaign and don’t see how it’s being received by your audience, you will waste your money and time. You need to analyze whether or not they are working and generating leads. You need to do a/b testing so that you can finally create an ad campaign worth the cost. You need to improvise your ads based on the statistical data that your ad campaign is generating. Each social media platform give you access to it and you need to closely observe it and make changes in your future campaigns if necessary. Keep repeating the same process over and over again until you finally get the desired results.

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